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Gluten Free Protein Crepes

First let me start by saying, I'm completely aware that these are Not paleo. However, this is my journey, sometimes it's all paleo and other times it's just a healthier alternative to junk but all my recipes are gluten free.... I've spent years in bondage to eating rules and I'm over it! I eat good! When I "cheat" it's mochi, not McDonalds! Lol. This crepe recipe is honestly my kids favorite breakfast to have! And it beats the crap out of a pop tart. Now, the real disclaimer is, this recipe is tricky. It takes a bit of cooking sense and tweaking every time! I've been cooking gluten free for years so I've just about mastered it (great now I've jinxed myself!) I'm going to share the base of the recipe then add some tricks! In your vitamix or blender add in this order 1 cup of cottage cheese (I use 2%) 1 cup GF oats (not quick) 1 cup of...crack 2 eggs in cup then fill the rest of the way with egg whites 1 tbs vanilla 1 tsp cinnamo

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